2 5770 in crossfire or 1 5850

i have on i7 920 and a evga 260 core 216 so would a ati 5850 do better or 2 5770 in crossfire i never really did ati but nvidia is just to much money i just dont feel like i get anything better with them..thanx
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  1. 2 HD 5770 in CF perform better but they consume more power and are noisier.
    What resolution do you play at ?
  2. 1920x1080 my gtx 260 does good but i know whatever i get would b e better i want a fermi but they will b to much and not gain much i bet
  3. You will benefit from CF in that resolution and as i said 2 HD 5770s perform better but i personally prefer 1 HD 5850 because it require less power and produces less heat and also performs well in 1920x1080
  4. so its a give and take but ether way i go i will see a difference..? you can get a 5850 for about 300 and 2 5770 for 360 or so
  5. The difference isn't huge but 2 5770's are faster,here is a good review:
  6. Wait until the end of this month before deciding: Nvidia will (finally) release their new cards TOMORROW! :) and whatever happens, this will change the GPU landscape.
    I would always go for a single, strong card over two weaker ones, one card is easier to manage and more stable and even now not every game performs well with two or more GPUs.
    Or you could simply SLI the GTX260;)
  7. How about just adding another GTX 260 to run in SLI?

    Anyway, two 5770s are faster than a single 5850 most of the time, but I would go with the 5850 because that gives you the option to add another 5850 latter on.
  8. thanks again to everyones answers i guess i should wait because whatever i do ati way they might go down in price do to the fermi cards
  9. i'd agree.. wait for the fermi... if its good ati tends to lower their prices and you can get the 5850 for a cheaper price..
  10. HD5850. The HD5770s would perform better at stock but the HD5850 can overclock a crazy amount, 40-50% if you up the voltage, which makes it the better choice.
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