Overclocking Question!!!! (CPU+RAM)

Hey guys!!
I have a Q9300 quad cpu and just added an arctic cooler freezer 7 pro to the cpu in order to start overclocking...
I have read several guides and articles about OC'ing my cpu so I think im pretty ready for it.. but there is one thing I dont know and I dont seem to be able to find an answer searching the forums and google. First of all I list you my hardware:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 @ 2,5 GHz (~4 years old)
MB: Asus P5E3 (~ 4 years old)
Memory: 4x2Gb Corsair XMS3 (TW3X4G1333C9A) DDR3 @1333 MHz (brand new)
GPU: Asus Radeon HD 7850 DC 2GD5 (Direct CU II) [Currently OC'd at: 1050 Mhz core, 1450 Mhz memory] (brand new)
PSU: Corsair tx650w (~4 years old)
HDD: ST3250410AS ATA (~4 years old)
OS: Win 7 - 64 bit (Ultimate)

Currently, my FSB:dRam ratio is 1:2,so with fsb=333mhz(x7.5multiplier=2,5ghz), my ram speed is 666 mhz (ddr3) which I understand is the rated speed for my memory. When I push a little the FSB to 400 mhz (I dont mess with other settings at all yet, only pcie freq. @100mhz), my cpu reaches 3 ghz very easily with only 2-4 degrees rise in temperature so I dont really worry about that yet. What I'm worried about is that the fsb:dram ratio is automatically set to 1:1 after increasing the fsb (which is good) but then my ram speed is only 400mhz (800mhz effective).. I understand this is a serious drop in performance of my memory..

So, after all this introduction, here comes the QUESTION: Is it safe to overclock my ram together with the cpu by manually setting the DRAM Frequency through bios to 1600 mhz? along with the fsb @ 400 mhz this will result in a 1:2 FSB:dRAM ratio. This is my primary target.. getting 3 ghz with 8 gb ram @ 1600 mhz but I really dont know anything about overclocking memory. I dont know how to monitor its temperature, what temperatures are safe for it, and I dont know what will happen with the timings.. Another thing that bothers me is the psu, Im not sure if it can handle all this overclocking and I dont know how to test its condition, after 4 years of use there is a possibility that its not still working the way it should, right?
Please, I would really appreciate some help here, I know you guys can do it!! Thanks in advance!
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  1. yes you can oc memory manualy and its safe if the oc not stable pc wont boot and you will need to clear the bios by a jumper thats on your motherboard.

    go to advance memory timing setting in bios setem up 1600MHz auto timing or and keep the volt same or one step up then restart and check with memtest each at a time and then all together to see if this stable you can tighten the timing later on. No need to monitor temp of the ram Read this http://www.techradar.com/news/computing-components/upgrades/how-to-overclock-ddr3-ram-719466/2#articleContent if you google you will learn more on manual oc ram

    Your PSU should be changed as its 4 year old but no rush as long its working get a corsair cx500 should be fine

    Hope this helps
  2. Your ram and mobo might not like to run the ram at that speed, but you can try. Like said you can give auto timings a try. Or try a higher cas latency manually. A small bump in memory voltage is usually ok with decent case air flow. Some times a small bump in nb voltage helps as well.
  3. Thanks a lot guys, sorry for not responding for so long, have been really busy lately.
    I think I got the point here, so I will try OC'ing my cpu along with the memory using only 1 ram module at a time, starting with stock voltage and stock timings and running memtest to check stability. If it doesnt seem stable i give the voltages a little bump and/or loosen the timings. If it seems stable at some point, I try the same with all modules together. Correct me if I got something wrong please.

    I got one last question about the psu you suggested, the corsair cx500... I thought that 500w is a little low, so I wonder would it support a crossfire setup in the future? or do i need a psu with more watts, like the 650w one I have i now?
    Thank you guys, i really appreciate your help, keep up the good work!
    I will let you guys know if I got my overclock stable, if you are interested in this. Should take about a week or two for me to complete the procedure, have been really busy with my studies lately. Thanks again guys, cheers.
  4. If you plan to upgrade or SLI/xfire in future best to go for a 600W or above. CX 500 should be able to support two 7850s Corsair make good PSU Thanks
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