Bios beeps 10 times (short fast beeps every 3 minutes or so)

I have an ASUS M4A77T motherboard. I took the DVD/RW out and re-inserted it. All of a sudden it started to beep 10 times in a row with short beeps. This happens once every minute. Can someone please tell me where I could find the codes and how to correct it. Thanks.
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  1. So many beeps is usually CMOS I/O error, what is your BIOS version?
  2. Try resetting the CMOS. Take out the battery on the mobo and put it back or use the jumpers.
  3. The beeping just stopped on its own the 3rd day. I turned the computer on and off several times when it would just continue. On the 3rd morning, I turned it on and the beeps were just no longer there. Weird. Did the computer self-correct itself? Is this something that might cause a problem later on? I didn't check the bios version yet but can do that if you still need the info. Not sure where to check but will look it up online. Thanks in advance.
  4. mosox said:

    Beeps came back all of a sudden. Weird. CPU temp is 41C. Not sure Bios version. Where do I get that info?
  5. Ok my BIOS version is American Megatrends Inc. 0310 date 4/26/10
    SMBIOS version 2.5

    The beeps also sound off short and quick and sometimes reach approximately 20 or so...too quick to count. Found this other guy having same issues but no response on his forum. Any input much appreciated. Thanks.
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