ATI HD5870 or nVidia GTX 285 for gaming, CS4 and Maya?!?!

Hi there!

I am currently in a debate of what card to get. I will be using my desktop for gaming, Adobe CS4 and Maya. I know that for gaming, the 5870 is a must, however just want to double check that CS4 and Maya will benefit from it too. My monitor will be 24 Inch Iiyama PLE2407HDS Widescreen.
Thanks for the help in advanced! :)
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    HD 5870 is better for games.
    For Maya and CS4 it doesn't matter much,both are good.The most important factor for CS4/Maya is the CPU
  2. Unless they use CUDA?
  3. dunno, the thing is , nvidia comes with cuda which helps you render with gpu(and it's pretty fast) but i do not thisnk maya comes with gpu render support even 2011... prove me wrong . unless you want to spend money for another render
  4. Ok thanks for the respnse! Im leaning towards the 5870 now after careful consideration, unless i hear anything which states why i shouldnt.
  5. CS4 supports Open GL acceleration, and does offer some CUDA plugins. Really though, with a 5870 the slower Open GL acceleration isn't going to hinder you. CS5 will be out soon and it's likely to be more cross platform than simply relying on CUDA.
  6. Cudda, wudda, shudda? CS5 isn't here yet from what I know, and IF it supports things remains to be seen. Not to mention the OP might not even spring for it. I agree that the 5870 is the better card, at least for gaming. But if CS4 is a big priority, he will be better off with the GTX280.
  7. well for gaming the 5870 is surely on another level as even the 5850 is better in most benchmarks than the GTX285. As for CS both cards are fine, I havent used Maya with my 5850 but I am assuming that it should also be the same.

    If you think that these two cards are priced the same, unfortunatly it is not the case. The 5850 is priced towards the GTX285 at around $270-320 depending on where and the vendor, but I would go with a 5850 if you are looking at price for preformance and you will save a lot of money as it is already better than the GTX285.

    In 6 months or so the 280 and 285 will most likely e phased out and will give way entirly to the Fermi GTX4xx cards, so dont bet on getting the 285.
  8. Quote:
    As for CS both cards are fine,

    Depends on what you mean by that. Using CUDA the GTX will apply filters faster then the 5870.
  9. i'd suggest you wait for the fermi series... don't for heaven sake's get the 285... even the 5850 beats the crap out of it... so go get the 5870 or wait for the fermi if u want cuda so badly...
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