Dell 400 Xps with 37W psu

So, I bought a cheap ol' 60 buck nvidia Geforce GT 220. I removed the Geforce 6800 and it traded places with the GT 220 in electrostatic bag.

I installed the new drivers. Rebooted. Booyah. Loading up some videos, loaded up some Everquest maxed out the setting played for about 20-25 mins. Kept the game on went downstairs and game back.

The game was frozen and i moved 1 fram and then the system hung. I press the power button, on reboot I got the BSOD with message stating that Windows has stopped to prevent damage.

So, resolved this by booting safe mode. Uninstalled all NVIDIA drivers (i never uninstalled the geforce 6800 drivers the first time). Turn off antivirus, reinstalled GT 220 drivers. Reboot. Golden. I get past BSOD and log in watch Rihanna's new video to notice how Youtube doesn't flicker anymore. (Drivers are 196.21 for XP from nvidia, not the installation dvd).

Open Everquest. SSHHHRREEECCH. Everything comes screeching to a halt soon as it goes windowed mode, not even rendering any polygon's yet.

Well, after this freeze. I get BSOD With Stop Error. 0x000000000A5 or simulate. ACPI incombatible with BIOS. It proceeds to tell me to update my bios and or which i can't visit in a BSOD. So...

Ultimately, my question is how do i resolve this and continue on working with this card? And/or can I support this card or must i go back to the Geforce 6800.

My comp:
Dell XPS 400
375 psu
2.8GHz Pent D
500 Gig exteral harddrive, headphones, and G15 keyboard in the usb ports.
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    What company did your graphics card come from? Perhaps they have their own drivers. Anyway if that doesn't work you feel like reinstalling EverQuest?
  2. I think you hit one a little something. The options in Everquest still show my 6800 as my graphics adaptor even though i successfully seem to have installed the GT 220.

    By the way, got past BSOD. However, I boot and run fine. Currently, i have a long pause, stutter when starting video then it runs buttery smooth. Also, I cannot not run anything in 3D include DirectDraw3D test using dxdiag. Update drivers to the ones released today 3/25.

    And using, EVGA monitoring tool. The card is staying at 33-38 degrees C so probaly not overheating. just not getting used.
  3. Not sure what you mean by DirectDraw3d but try upgrading the DirectX files. EVGA uses Nvidia's drivers but you can download from their site too. Could you reinstall EverQuest?
  4. I could reinstall Everquest but its about 10 or 11Gigs of downloads. Which aint bad. but when i first installed the card it ran fine for about an hour.
  5. How about repairing it? Most programs have a modify, repair, or ininstall option when you run installsheild on them.
  6. Sounds good will try that tonight. Will let you know how it turns out.
    Last night put back in the Geforce 6800 uninstalled 220 drivers to see if was the port. the 6800 still works and runs only a tad less smooth the the 220 (when it worked). So going to try a fresh reinstall from original hardware state. see where i end up, and will repair the install of eq to make sure it recognizes the 220gt. Thanks again for the reply. Will update soon.
  7. Card was broken. RMA'd it. Will reply with how EVGA does with the replacement.
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