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I have an antec solo case. The stock fan is quiet on low setting but I find the power supply gets hot when I run it on low. The fan cools well on medium setting but I find it too noisy. Is there a good quality fan that cools well and is very quiet?
Or, should I add a second, intake fan?
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  1. you should add intake fan.

    for good fans you should check: Scythe (S-Flex series), Noctua, Nexus...
  2. Is the PSU fan running? One would think the PSU would have greater airflow when not competing with a higher-speed exhaust fan. For it to run cooler instead makes me wonder if its fan has died, and the exhaust fan is thus using the PSU as one of its intakes. If that is the case, adding an intake fan may cause the PSU to run hot again.
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