Vid card installation troubles (solved?)

I bought my computer last night and spend an hour putting it together before I ran into a problem, realised it was late and went to bed...

Everything was going smooth. I bought the Antec 900 II gaming case, MSI p55g65 mobo, i5 750 core with a huge cooling unit which I got installed at the store, and I got a Sapphire 5850 video card.

Now, this may be a common thing among PC builders but it's new to me. I had the mobo screwed down, PSU, HDD, DVD drive all installed and looking good, but when I put down the GPU the L-bracket (where the outputs are) made contact before it was fully inserted in the PCIe slot, so it was sitting there a little crooked, approximately 2-3mm out on one side. I had no idea what to do at the time I was considering bending the L bracket.

So, I slept on it and in the morning I realised I should try adjusting the mobo set screws (not sure what to call them - the ones on the case that you screw into). So yea, I took the mobo out and loosed all the set screws by the vid card, then put it back in. Luckily it still sat in fine and the mobo outputs all just lined up with the slots. I put the video card in and I think it went in fully, but I'll have to wait until tonight to finish it up and test fire.

I don't know that that was the right thing to do tho it seems the most sensible right now. I just thought I'd post this for anyone having similar problems hopefully they'll search this thread and figure it out. :)
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  1. Well, my solution actually worked so I can't really get photos of the mis-alignment now without a ton of hassle. Sorry.
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