CPU Cooler Round-up

Hey Baz, I was in disbelief to find not a single major Reviewer made a CPU Cooler round-up, last time T's-H did one was 2011 .. its now 2013

I'm talking the usual T's-H high detail charts that will allow people to compare temperature, with db at a nominal distance temperature at lowest RPM and highest RPM etc

basically I want a good quality chart that will help me inform people I build for what the best sound/cooling performance, thats very hard to do without a common testing platform :) and access to a full gamute of coolers

its a tall order but i expect no less from T's-H
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  1. There is one

    They have a standardized test bench and sound measuring at highest and lowest rpm

    They do get weird numbers sometimes as their setup is an open one, not inside an case AFAIK

    You need to go into each review to view that HS's numbers as there si no master list but the most common HS are int he list usually for comparison

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