Single-sided vs Double-sided and 1 Bank vs. 2


I have 2 separate matched pairs of DDR2 PC2-5300 dual Channel DIMMS. The DIMMS come from the same manufacturer (PNY) yet don't look the same. One pair has chips on both sides and the other has chips on just one side.

A CPU-ID analysis says that one kit has 1 bank and the other kit has 2 banks. I have read here that banks can refer to "banks of slots". The banks I'm referring to are the DIMMS, not the slots.

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit. My System recognizes RAM up to 3GB as installed and available.

However, if I install my maximum capacity of 4GB of RAM, it sees 4 GB installed but only recognizes 3.25-3.5GB of RAM as available.

Everything seems to match up on the DIMMS other than the number of banks and their physical appearance as mentioned above.

This makes me wonder if there is a memory or compatibility conflict issue with the aforementioned DIMMS.

My video card has 1 GB of memory itself. Also if there was an issue with memory being set aside, I would think that this would show up at the lower levels of RAM as well as the maximum of 4 GB.

After having reformatted my hard drive because so many programs were acting funky, the only strange symptom that remains is in Outlook. It will begin to "grey out" and back to normal again slowly so that I can't type anything unless I close the program and reopen it.

I'm beginning to believe that my problem all along was with a memory conflict. Help would be much appreciated.
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  1. Hi Who Knows and welcome to Tom's forum.

    List your rig specs please.
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