New system: problems, please help!?

Hi everyone, i'm a long time reader first time poster.

Just put together a new system

EVGA x58 sli le
core i7 920
6 gigs corsair xms3 1333mhz cl7

i put everything into my system. the first time i booted it went all the way into windows(7), then shut off. with the very first boot what would happen, is that it would power on for 3 seconds, then restart, then start booting. and then it would shut off anywhere from about 10-40 seconds. completely off, doesnt restart itself. before the first reset, sometimes it posts, sometimes just resets. after the reset it always posts fine.

so i took out GPU, took out 2 sticks of ram, just leaving one in there. exactly the same issue. took out the ram stick, unplugged everything except the motherbard and 8pin cpu connector. now it powers on for literally 3 seconds, and resets, continuously until i shut off the power.

going back, whenever i had everything in the system, and it would go all the way to windows, the little LED at the bottom reads something like 85-86. manual says that the LED diplays cpu temp after post.... is that right? it shouldn't go as high as 85 as far as i know.

can someone please help? what can be the problem here?
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  1. To get it to post, you need to have at least the CPU, HSF and a stick of RAM connected.

    It would help if you provided a full list of your specs.

    Is that 85-86 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit? If it's 85 C, then your CPU is likely to burst into flames. If it's 85 F, it's fine.
  2. i realize that i need all of those things to post. i know that if all i have connected are the cpu an hsf, it should give an error code for not having ram. it doesn't give me those beeps, i'm waiting for. it just keeps powering on and off every 3 seconds.

    like i said, i got it to successfully post with just one stick of ram, but it just restarts and shuts off;like i said in my OP.

    i THINK it's either a faulty motherboard or a heatsink problem. but i don't know what to do to tell. can someone either correct me on this, or advise how to proceed?

    i would think it's in Celsius by default? maybe?

    my other specs than the ones above are a xfx 9800gtx+, 750W Ultra PSU

    i keep thinking this is an overheat issue.... i dunno, i'm too retarted. do i need to re-apply thermal paste if i've detached the heatsink?
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