Radeon 4650 or 4870

hello, i am currently pursuing training 3d maya software. is xfx hd 4650 - 512 mb enuf?? i have x250 amd processor with asus m4a785d m pro motherboard???
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  1. If you have enough cash for 4870 then pick 4870 it's always better to have a margin of horsepower. However if you can effort 5770 then pick 5770. Power consumption is much lower and you will experience lower temps.
  2. I got the MSI R4870 MD1G picked before the 5770 came out over nvidea cards for its lower power usage, with 1G DDR5 it seems to perform very well.
  3. 4870 almost performs similar to 5770... but 5770 has lot of better features like directx 11, very low power consumption, less heat...

    so buy the 5770 instead of 4870...
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