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I am not a computer genious. I don't understand most of the computer technology. I want to get rid of my costly Comcast cable television only if I can get set up my computer to receive good HD quality internet TV. What do I need to do to make this cost effective and of equal quality to comcast? Also is there a way to hook up my normal tv's to the internet wirelessly so they can still be used also? Any suggestions for me. I don't know anything. I have Windows Vista 32
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  1. I also really need parental control options. Any suggestions to this?
  2. Most LCD TVs already have a connector for your PC. First thing is to check if you have one or not. If you do then just take the cable that goes between your PC and your PC Monitor and plug it into the TV. There should also be a sound cable plug. You may need to buy a cable for the sound at Wal-mart for around $10-$20 to get the sound on your TV speakers instead of your computer speakers.
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