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I have to choose between 'Sapphire radeon HD5850' and 'Asus EAH5850'.
Which one is the best?
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  1. The one with the lower price and or better warranty! They are both reputable manufacturers.
  2. I get them for the same price, and both 2 years of garanty
  3. I have had Asus products and Sapphire products and have had one RMA with Sapphire a totally painless process. Sapphire happens to be the biggest producer of ATI cards. In this case I would choose Sapphire.
  4. flip a coin?
  5. Thanks, will go fot the sapphire
  6. Well, since I'm assuming you're talking about reference models they are exactly the same except for box art and bundle. The GTX 470 may force a price reduction for the 5850, but only if they are released in significant quantities. I guess we'll find out in a few days.
  7. FrankyBoy said:
    Thanks, will go fot the sapphire


    I would go for ASUS, I have had great expiernces with them in the past.
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