SSD Bench marking sftwr, Real World Results?


I bought a re-branded 120 gig sata 3 microcenter SSD after having problems with OCZ and crucial SSD,s. Seems to be working better than expected.

I have used both AS SSD benchmark and this Altto Benchmark. I read that the AS SSD and SF controllers don't get along because of compressed data? So I should use Altto.

AS SSD gave me a read speed of 215 MB and 109 MB write. While specs for the Microcenter SSD is 550/525. Altto surpasses those specs by a few MB's 565 Read and 540 Write. While that makes me feel good knowing it is as fast as they say, which benchmarking software gives me real world results?

Or does it just depend on controller and software used to benchmark?
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    Neither software gives you real world results.

    ATTO uses highly compressible data to test Read/Write speeds.
    Think of ATTO as "best-case" scenario.
    An example of highly compressible data that I can think of is a Microsoft Word document.
    Nobody works with only notes and memos. :)

    AS-SSD uses highly incompressible data to test Read/Write speeds.
    Think of AS-SSD as "worst-case" scenario.
    An example of an incompressible file is a .wav music file or a .mpeg video file.
    Unless you're a music producer or video producer, nobody works with only those types of files. :)

    Real world data usage is in between the two.
  2. FYI, there's a new SSD benchmark program being developed at Xtreme Systems forum. The software is called Anvil's Storage Utilities and it has a real world benchmark setting where the test data is 46% compressed (ATTO is 0% and AS-SSD is 100%).

    Here's a link to the software:
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  4. Dereck47 - Thanks for the link

    Xtremesystems is one of 80 review sites I check almost daily for hardware reviews. I knew they were using the new benchmark in their ssd reviews but didn't realise it was available for download. Can't wait to try it.
  5. No problem. Hopefully the software is accurate and it will be accepted by SSD manufacturers and SSD review sites and replace ATTO, AS-SSD, CrystalDiskMark, and HDTune.
  6. So what do you think about these scores?

    Should I take the microcenter one back, and get the OCZ vertex 4?

    Thx for that link also! That' some good stuff!
  7. Yes, you will get better benchmark scores with the Vertex 4, but no, I wouldn't necessarily take it back.

    How does it "feel" to you? When you open and run programs is it snappy and responsive?

    If so, just use it and enjoy. :)
  8. I feel like it's pretty snappy. It took 2 mins and 48 seconds to install photoshop 32/64 bit and it opens photoshop with all my plugins and actions and other settings in 4 seconds.

    I just built this rig and it has to last me a while you know? So naturally I want the best.
  9. The Vertex 4 is the better drive but you probably won't notice any real world difference between the 2 drives unless you're copying and moving large amounts of incompressible files.
  10. Cool man! Thx for your knowledge and time!
  11. No problem!
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