Jittery Windows Dual 1080p Nvidia 8600GTS

Hi all I am running Windows 7 Util x64. I have two 24in Asus displays running at 60hz, 1920x1080 via HDMI -> DVI adapters. They are powered by a Nvidia 8600GTS which has been updated with the latest drivers from Nvidia.

My issue is that my screen transitions, such as minimizing/maximizing windows seem to not be smooth like they were before I got these gigantic monitors. The world I would use to describe them would be "jittery" or even "stuttered." Its like the windows incrementally open and close, rather than a continuous movement. Its no a glaring problem, but wondering if this should be the case or not.

Any suggestion would be appreciated. I am wondering if a new video card would alleviate this issue as well. Thanks in advance
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  1. The screens might just be too big. If so, upgrading the GPU would solve the problem.
  2. i agree , the 8600 is like a pre HD video card. it can do it but it wasnt designed with full HD 1080p apts in mind. windows 7 wasn't even a twinkle in nividia's eye when that card came out. Upgrade to a video card that is HDCP capable and is rated for HD use up to 1080p. For now tweek your resolution settings down to maybe 1280x720 and see if it calms down a bit. if its still gittery go down to the next 16x9 res scale. im running a Nividia 250 GTS its an ok card for how much it costs, i got it for around 140 Canadian dollars.
  3. Thanks guys for the feedback. I am a non-gamer user. Business apps only (and some TV on them too via tv tuner). Would you have a recommendation for a card to drive these that has dual hdmi ports? Does such as thing exist for a reasonable price?

    Thanks again!
  4. a 5670 would offer the power you need, and has a HDMI and a DVI (which you can use with an adapter)
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