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I was wondering if the gforce 210 card can handle Battlefield: Bad Company 2? I have an integrated GPU and need to upgrade. I'm looking at the gforce 210 because it 'fits' in my price range. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. It is not considered a gaming card. The minimum recommended cards would be GT240 or HD4670. If you tell us your budget, cpu and the size of your Power supply we can recommend a card based on that info.
  2. It could, but you would have to lower detail settings and resolution.

    A more powerful GPU would be a good idea.
  3. I have an AMD athlon II x2 215 processor, a 250 W PS ( which i am going to upgrade ), and a budget of $50. I am also running Windows 7 ( if that matters )
  4. Here are the best cards I can find that fit your budget if you can deal with the shipping charges this one has GDDR3 which is faster than GDDR2
  5. A good read, pay attention to the chart on page 6;,2569.html
  6. Oooh, BC2 is a very intensive game.
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