Windows must shut down to prevent damage

i know that it might be some kind of blue screen but today when i opened my laptop and pressed the power it took over 5 minutes to load than the blue screen poped up and said "Windows has shutdown to protect data"and"if this is the first time u saw this screen restart your computer and if u see this message again check for missing hardware/loose parts""if that does not work contact your computer manager/assistants". than it said the code.

my computer is like 5 months old
2GB ram
over 100GB hard drive
windows 7

i had that happing so i decided to restore my computer to factory defaults and it happend again

someone please help me
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  1. 2GB of ram and a 100GB hard drive is hardly the most relevant information about your computer lol. An no one can help you unless we know the error code. In fact, the best way to find your answer is to copy down the error code, then look it up on microsoft's website. If you cannot find a solution, try posting in the windows 7 forum:
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