How do I know if added RAM is working?

I added an additional 4gig of RAM to my system to assist in CS5 Photoshop performance, I also upgraded power supply to 600 Watt along with trying the GTX 570 graphics which doesn't work, any ideas?
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  1. List your ps; I'll assume you have the correct leads from the ps connected. 600 watts may or may not do it; depends on the ps specs.
  2. PS = Therm 600W, that's all I really know about it, sorry. I'm definitley new on this area. I installed 2x2gig's of additional matching RAM modules also and the system still seems slow. Windows XP is running now but I would like to move to Windows 7. I'm a semi-professional photographer and moving to CS5 seemed logical but when running the software with the few plugin's it will often give me a "out of memory" signal so to not complete the reframing of the picture on the monitor. Should I not have installed both 2x2gigs of additional RAM at the same time? Would the present video card be somewhat limited 512mb versus the one I'd like to install, Nvidia GeForce GTX 470 1280 MB 320 bit, GDDR5 2xDVI. Thank you for any guidance on this area...charlie murray
  3. Could I ask for the motherboard model type, ram type, and what your CPU speed is please?
  4. PJohn said:
    Could I ask for the motherboard model type, ram type, and what your CPU speed is please?

    Sorry I'm new at this but where do i find this information?
  5. The motherboard you will have to actually look inside of your computer to get the brand. The amount of memory you have will be under the System Properties (If you're using Windows 7, just go to Computer > System Properties). This will also show your CPU make/model and speed. To see the actual RAM manufacturer you will have to look inside as well.
  6. Any 32 bit windows version (xp or 7) will only use up to 3 gb of ram, so the rest may not show up. You need to switch to 64 bit windows 7.
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