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Hello, I recently got a 5830, I was pretty much able to exchange it with the 5770 I had for free pretty much, I wont go into that now, Anyway I notice that once in a while my secondary or primary monitor will flicker a little bit, this used to happen with every ATI card I have ever owned but it only happened when I overclocked it, I checked the clock speeds, its running at 800/1000 which is default, all I did was set up the fan so when it heats up the fan speeds up, I am idling at 40C right now with ran at 42% this card runs a LOT cooler then my 5770 did. Anyway I am really sad because I just ran 3dmark 05 (the program I use to benchmark everything) I know its old But I have a license for it. Anyway I ran the benchmark with the 5770 right before I took it out to install this, my 3dmark 05 score with the 5770 was 14,900 I just ran it with this card and it was 13,700 ish. So I am really upset, along with this flickering it usually only happens when I open a window and it's on the bottom of the screen , I am pretty sure its my secondary monitor.

Any help? I purchased my radeon 5770 at best buy for 200$ (I was not able to buy anything online cuz no credit card and cant ship it because im never at home during the day and evening, I was planning to buy COD4 MW2 a 60$ game and I saw this video card on newegg it was 259.99 so I pretty much came out even thats why I made the small upgrade from the 5770 to this card.

Please nothing negative I cant handle anything negative right now im frustrated.

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  1. Ok I just fixed the flickering, thank god, I use msi afterburner to monitor everything and ATI overdrive was set at the same speeds my 5770 was which was 850/1200 which is more then this card is. This card however for the most part does outperform the 5770 there are very few benchmarks where they come in even, with 3dmark vantage this card puts the 5770 a lot lower so shouldnt my 3dmark 05 score atleast be a little higher instead of like 2000points lower?
  2. Some of the older benchmarks are more CPU intensive. Not only that, but some CPU power is required to optimize the shader code passed to the GPU. Anyway, I wouldn't really worry about 3dmark 05. Upgrading your CPU would of course help :D.
  3. Give 3dmark Vantage a try. It gives a truer score of graphics power compare to 3dmark06. Notice my score, the cpu is very high, but the overall score is much closer to what the sub-graphics score is. (ati 4770 O/C) In 06 ,my overall score is higher thanks to the cpu.
  4. Ok great, I fixed the problem, it was running slower because it was overclocked at the speed the 5770 was, I ran 3dmark 05 and the score went to 5400 and im sure it would be a lot better if I ran the 3dmark vantage but my trial period for it is over, I was just playing crysis & crysis warhead I notice a difference for sure, mostly I notice the difference when there is a lot of stuff going on, where I am looking at a huge place with tons of stuff going on, the fps stays around 28 with max settings and 4x AA I am very excited about this, plus I got COD 4 MW2 ! :) I came out even
  5. Thats a cool infiniti wallpaper, I have a i30 infiniti :D I love it its a 2000 but it runs awesome

    this video card runs so cool, my 5770 would idle at 55-58 and get up to 80C with full load, this 5830 idles at 40-45 and the highest ive seen it at is 65, huge improvement
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