Computer freezing problem-PSU problem?

About a week ago, I built myself a new computer. Since I wanted to buy the parts from a local store, I got the following parts-

AMD Athlon ii x3 440
Corsair XMS3 ddr3 1600 RAM
WD 500gb HDD 7200rpm (refurb)
thermaltake m9 case
gigabyte 880gm board
Ultra 650w PSU

My question is whether or not ULTRA makes a good power supply or not? A week ago, I could be playing AOE2 and alt tab out easily and it would run fine. Yesterday, I wold alt tab out and my computer would completely lock up and freeze. I waited for 5 minutes and ended up hard booting it. The only programs I had running in the background were game ranger and Utorrent, and I dont think that should my my computer lock up. Any comments?
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  1. Get a known good brand PSU such as Antec, Corsair, Seasoni, enermax... etc.
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    Actually hardwaresecrets and several other highly reputable PSU evaluators give the Ultra units very high marks-pretty strange for a comp-usa house brand.
    Can't really find anything positive to say about a refurb harddrive though.
    Since I've never been able to get away form AOE myself I can tell you that I'm running it hacked (no cd installed) and it will periodically hang on me, once a month and usually right after a microsoft first tuesday update session.
  3. now that i think about it, it was after an update session. Thanks! Im running aoe with no cd also. :P if you have game ranger id love to play with you sometime :D thanks!
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