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I'm in the process of building a gaming pc and I'm ordering parts. My question is if I order a bare hard drive will the required wiring needed to connect come with the power supply, motherboard, or case? I dont want to order the wrong component and not be able to put i together. I'm looking at 500gb Samsung F3 spinpoint. I will be using a corsair hw650 pcu.

Thanks in advance
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  1. when searching for a hard drive buy a SATA interface one, not the IDE (old type)
    when installing the HD you will connect the sata cable (data wire) and the power (15 pin flat black) cable. data cable goes from your hd to your motherboard while power cable comes frmo the power supply to the hard drive
  2. The following is assuming your getting a modern hard drive with a SATA connector.

    For data cable: Your motherboard will most likely come with the needed SATA cables. Should be no need to buy more unless you plan on using more SATA devices then cables given. What motherboard are you getting and how many SATA devices are you getting total?

    For power cable: Your PSU should have a SATA power connector. Check to the specs of the PSU to be sure.
  3. I ordered an I5-3570K, a gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3h motherboard, and Asus 24X dvd burner, and I need to order a very good harddrive for gaming. Hope this helps. I will not be adding any other drives.

    Thanks in advance
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    Cool, yeah that motherboard if bought brand new will come with 2-4 SATA data cables. So you can use them for your optical drive, and whatever SATA HD you pick. I recommend an SSD if your looking for quick loading times within games.
  5. I appreciate the answer. Can you recommend a good 1TB hard drive? SSD isn't in the cards yet. New Egg has a 1 tb Samsung F3 spinpoint bare drive for $79.99 today.
  6. Yeah I saw that deal. Best deal I've seen on a 1TB in awhile since the "flood".

    I'd say go with a 2TB. I noticed you can find some for a little over 100 on the egg. Also I'd try and find one with a decent warranty. The 1TB by samsung has only a 1 year and one of the reviewers stated samsung wouldn't even honor the warranty cause the drive was OEM.

    I'll do a quick search to see if I can find any specific recommendations.
  7. Heres a bangin choice on a 1TB for $122 shipped and comes with 5 year warranty. The WD RE 4

    I found some 2TB drives by WD in that price range as well but they are the "green" drives and tend to be a little slower and only has a 2 year warranty.

    I really like that RE4 I linked at top...hmm now I want to pull the trigger. =)
  8. The Samsung F3 is a very good drive.
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