Looking for advice, Gaming/Video Editing - $1750 max budget

BUDGET RANGE: $1750 max before rebates

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, Video Recording and Editing (playthroughs w/ commentary), SQL Database development, Coding



PREFERRED PARTS: Antec CPX PSU and compatible case

OVERCLOCKING: Yes, looking for 4-4.2 GHz

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: With a future upgrade


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Ambient temperatures where the computer will be operating can run on the higher side (upwards of 28C)

Currently planned build:

Case: Antec DF-85 (to be released this month) Budgeting $249.99
PSU: Antec CP-850 $109.31
CPU: Intel core i7 930 $289.99
Cooler: Prolimatech Megahalems $64.99
Mobo: ASRock X58 Extreme 3 $199.99
RAM: Crucial 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 PC3 10600 $167.99
SSD: Intel X-25M 80GB $224.99
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB $99.99
Optical: Sony Optiarc 24x $21.99
OS: Win 7 Pro 64 OEM $139.99
Fans: Scythe Ultra Kaze $9.99 x3
(Two for cooler in push/pull, one for side vent on case)

Subtotal (Including misc cables): $1618.14 before tax/shipping

There are a few things I'm still going back and forth on, specifically the cooling system and motherboard. For the cooling, I'm trying to overbuild to compensate for the higher ambient temperatures. I also know that I don't have any TIM in the above list, I'm still debating whether to go for Shin Eitsu X23-7783D or possibly even Indigo Xtreme.

With that said, any and all build advice or critiques are welcome.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I do not see any real probs with the "system class" or the balance BUT almost every part on your chosen config should be swapped out for "better" models.

    Keep the CPU and the SSD ... Let our techs find better components for you. At first glance I can see that the HDD, HSF, RAM, PSU, Mobo ALL NEED to be SWAPPED OUT!

    I also do not see ANY sort of GPU, in your build ... prolly because one does not exist that will meet all your needs "very well".

    nVidia ... Not ATi ... Newer nVidia game cards x2 (SLI) to support your highest of dual monitor requirements 2xDual-Link !! ... A couple of 470s or 450s ... prolly.

    = Alvin =
  2. Alvins on the right track, look at the cm hyper 212 for HSF, spinpoint f3 for HDD, gigabyte/asus for mobo, better psu choice would be something from corsair...
    That psu is one messed up whateveryoucallitagain... just get a full tower and a corsair hx750/850 or something...
    Also what gpu are you using??
  3. Yeah ... agree with everything that unpronouncable army dude just said ... all picks, so far.

    Spinpoint F3 (500GB or 1TB)

    SAMSUNG or SONY SATA DVDR (look for 100+ reviews and 4+ eggs)


    Radeon 5850 or 5870 (Do not go below 5850!!)

    Corsair 750Watt

    Check out the HAF-932 !! MUCH less expensive and has EVERYTHING your stuff needs!

    mobo ... THIS is the ONLY X58 mobo that I would even consider, regardless of budget.

  4. p1n3apqlexpr3ss said:
    Alvins on the right track,

    Ohhh ! . . . I get it . . . P I N E A P P L E - E X P R E S S

    ... Some sort of reference to a Fragmentation Grenade ?


    = Al =
  5. Agreed with most of the above comments. Normally I'd give it to the F3, but if you want to stick to WD, there's a SATA 6gbps caviar black out which newegg currently has a promo on.

    IIRC, most of the past reviews I've seen seem show a marginal performance gain over current gen. HHDs. But with the promo, you could get some use out of the your SATA 6 gbps compliant mobo choice. Note that it is still $10 more than the 1TB F3.

    The Megahalems are good for the money. I agree that if you're looking for the best price to performance, then you should drop to a Hyper 212+. If you don't mind spending the money, stick to the megahalems. If you want some of the newer heatsinks, Noctua's flagship nh-d14 will put all your cooling anxiety down, but for a premium. Same goes for the Venomous X.

    What I really want to recommend to you, though, is the Titan Fenrir. It's a single fan HS due to its fin and heatpipe design. IMO, this would be perfect if you want to stick to the ultra kazes. If you haven't heard them in person, they are EXTREMELY loud; and in my opinion PAST the level of comfort. 3 is overkill and you'll see a bit of redundancy with cooling. Titan Fenrir + 1x Ultra Kaze would give similar performance with less noise. Or if you insist on push/pull, stick some Gentle Typhoons (AP-15) on your megahalem. They don't have as much static pressure (since they aren't 38mm) but perform well enough without compromising the health of your eardrums.

    Next, and again IMO, I don't think the DF-85's will be worth the price if antec sticks it in the $200+ range. To be honest, the DF-85 simply looks like an antec 1200 went through a metrosexual make over. With hot swaps. If its aesthetics please you, then there's nothing i can do. But i vote for 1200/CP-850 or as suggested, HAF 922/32 + 750 corsair.
  6. @Alvin, its more based after the movie, that ive never ever seen... a friend suggested the name while i was thinking of just a random name to use for everything, but i guess that could work well

    +1 to alvin's atx based suggestions, dunno why you wanna go with that CPX or whatever it is form factor... never ever heard of it
  7. p1n3apqlexpr3ss said:

    +1 to alvin's atx based suggestions, dunno why you wanna go with that CPX or whatever it is form factor... never ever heard of it

    It's a form factor that's unique to the larger antec cases. They are larger by design, which means more space inside the PSU (and all the benefits of this extra space) while utilizing a 120mm fan. Regardless, they are considered top tier units.

  8. 120mm fan? normal atx psus have them, some even have 135mm fans... or do you mean rear mounted fans?
    Ahh i see now, tbh... looks pretty weird... id highly suggest just got ATX and go mainstream instead of paying big premiums for antecs exclusive form factor
  9. Paying big premiums?
    That modular 850w quality PSU is as cheap as a 750w PSU.
  10. Hard drives: so far as I can tell, the F3 has a slightly higher throughput, while the WD has a slightly lower access time. It's kind of a wash, imo, and I tend to prefer the WD brand.

    (btw, what's the point in getting a SATA3 hard drive when they can't saturate a SATA2 line?)

    Motherboard: I'm trying not to spend too much, as I don't need triple SLI. The ASRock that I picked out appears to be an upgrade of the ones featured in the SBM builds, but I'm also considering a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R. My one complaint about the latter is solo PCI slot.

    Cooler: I don't think the hyper 212 can cut it for the OC and ambient I'm looking at. Besides that, I really don't like heat pipe direct touch coolers. That said, the NH-D14 and Venomous X look like great coolers as well. My main reason for going with the Megahalems is I've heard it has a superior mounting system. vznoobie12 is right in that I picked the ultra kaze fans for the high static pressure to match up with the cooler, though looking at the dBA levels of the fan, I'll go with something quieter for additional case fans.

    GPU: I'm currently running a Radeon HD 4870, which I will upgrade at a later date, probably towards the end of the year. Right now my plan is to run a Crossfire/SLI of more cost effective cards at that point.

    Case/PSU: Again, vznoobie12 has it right in that I selected the CP-850 because of its excellent performance, especially in a hotter environment like my computer will likely be in.

    That said, I had initially planned on building around a P193 case, and "upgraded" to the 1200/DF-85 when I learned just how cramped the performance one cases are. I actually much prefer the toned-down aesthetics of the line, but in the end, it's what's inside that counts. There are a lot of things about the Dark Fleet line that I feel are silly/unneeded, like the ridiculous hot swap bay on the top, but the cooling/airflow of the case looks top notch.
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