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Hey guys i just mounted my corsair h60, i am using the corsair fan. So the pump has a 3 pin and the fan has a 4 pin. Im using a asrock 990fx extreme4 mobo, it has 2 cpu fan headers, one is a 4pin and the other a 3 pin. It also has a pwr header. I just wanted to know if i should connect the 3 pin to the cpu 2 fan header which is a 3 pin and the corsair fan to the cpu_fan 1 header which is a 4 pin
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  1. One more thing i have a 3pin to molex connector so I can connect the pump to the psu, so if thats the better option please say so.
    Thanks :)
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    I would think you should be fine if you connect it on the header. 3 pins normally run at max speed unless the motherboard has a special function to lower the voltage of the pin without using a pwm
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  4. thanks!
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