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alright i got the 9500gt since i just went to the local shop i installed the card ,but i think my pc is still reconigzing the integrated card how do i disable it cause i know my 9500gt is installed properly.
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  1. It depends on the motherboard. Can be uninstalled in device manager and deactivated in BIOS. Some newer boards disable it automatically if a dedicated card is installed in the PCI-e slot.
  2. the integrated card is dead which mean i have no display also i think it might be my mobo thats dead cause i played around with it for 3hours and figured that out so in gunna get it checked out by a professional
  3. Yeah, the integrated card is part of the chipset, so if something hurt it, the whole system may be messed up.
  4. thankss for the response if their is any more suggestion im open to hear them
  5. Okay, the Integrated Graphics is dead.

    Therefore, I assume that you are connecting your monitor to the output port of the 9500GT, right?

    If so, when you turn on the PC. Something must come up in the monitor. Press "Del" and you should enter into the BIOS menu if the motherboard is still good (if no display come up, then the mobo might be dead too). If the mobo is still alive and you are able to get into the BIOS, there should be an option there to select which graphics card to use, IGP, discrete ( or labeled PCIe ) or both.

    Read your motherboard manual for specific info how to work in the BIOS. Get back to us if you are not able to find the solution there...
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