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I recently installed Flight Simulator X on my Win 8 Pro 64-bit system. After some issues with it I decided to uninstall. Before install my Windows partition which is on its own 120 GB SSD was 14.7 GB in size. After install the partition had grown to 15.2 GB in size. I had installed FS X on its own drive. The odd thing is, after uninstalling FSX the Windows drive was still at 15.2 GB size. I would think it would have shrunk back to it's former size. I've checked my AppData's Local, LocalLow and Roaming folders for any remnants of the game and couldn't find any. I did a thorough cleaning using CCleaner and nothing seemed to help. I have hibernate turned off as well as all System Restore points deleted and turned off. Nothing has helped. My pagefile is also turned off.

This is concerning because I don't want to start steadily losing freespace on this drive. I have a ways to go before it gets to be a problem, but it's still something I want to keep an eye on. Any thoughts?
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  1. You may loose some space to system restore if you have it on. Even in the appdata folder, it may hide in a strangely named folder in the "temp" folder.

    I know Assassins Creed II downloads(rar files), then extracts it self into a temp folder then installs. It took 45 gigs at its biggest and still left 15 gigs in the temp folder that I went and removed.

    You can use Windirstat to see what is taking space.
    they have a portable version as well. So you can take it on a flash drive with you from system to system without installing it.
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