Strange improper boot device problem

Im sure these get posted often but Ive searched and this is a little out of the ordinary apparently because I cant find an answer. Ive had my newly built computer for a couple months running w7 64 bit on a 10000rpm hdd, recently I bought a 64gig ssd and promptly installed w7 on it. All was fine at this point, I changed boot priorities to the ssd and it was booting up with amazing speed. However, tonight I decided to reformat the original hdd. I went into cmd, diskpart, selected the hdd and made the partition inactive so I could format it. I went to reboot but when I did I got the dreaded "Reboot and select proper boot device" error. In my bios nothing has changed; first priority is the ssd. Ive tried to put every boot priority as the ssd with no change.

Thinking, however unlikely it may be, that I accidentally made the ssd inactive in cmd I made the original hdd the primary boot device only to see the same error.

Can anyone help? BF3 comes out tonight and Im going to be a sad panda if I dont get to start shooting people in the face. :(
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  1. If you go into run and type in disk management do you still see the C drive as healthy.
  2. I cant load windows at all to get there.
  3. Can you reinstall windows on the SSD? Or put in the Windows disk and repair the installed windows file on the SSD?
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