Intel vs. AMD integrated GPUs for HTPC & games

Just to get a better handle on HTPC and lite-game and multi-mon using the best and lates interated graphics from AMD and INTEL ... for client's sakes!

Still a bit (ok "VERY") fuzzy about the value and capabilities of these options ...

(1) Optimal platform (CPUs/mobos) from AMD and INTEL ?

(2) Game support ... benches?

(3) HTPC capability/viabilty (sound, # of HD streams, other "protocols")?

(4) Multi-mon support ... lite vs. intensive ?

(5) Interaction with other discreet GPUs? Gaming? Multi-mon?

(6) Other stuff I prolly don't even know about ?

Facts?, Articles?, Reviews?, Specs?, Educated testimonials and opinions?

Would especially like to hear from gKay, Admiral, Fang, Bat-Cat, and other value experts (all).

= Al = I understand if you blow this off ... just a hole in my knowledge-base (one of very many) ... thanks.

... PS: I have heard that i3 or i5 (not sure which) makes a great HTPC and has amazng i-GPU but I see 20 AMD/HTPC builds for every INTEL HTPC .. ?!
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  1. &BTW ...

    What is the best (most standard) abbreviation for "integrated graphics". ... IGP?

    = ? =
  2. You want an AM3 for intergrated graphics over the i3/i5. Their intergraded graphics are more powerful than Intels. Also, the price for a build is much cheaper and provides higher performance compared to the i3/i5.
  3. Soldiers! ...

    ... Well this other military guy (Naval Type) told me (just today) how swell the Intel solution is.

    Hmmmm ... Lot's of chiming, please (if you have a "real" clue).
  4. Best answer
    I would use Intel if I was going to build a HTPC today. Intel's latest on-board graphics are only SLIGHTLY slower than AMD. An i3 system uses less power than an equivalent AMD build. Another big benefit of an Intel HTPC is their TrueHD/DTS-HD MA bitstreaming support.

    There are plenty of reviews of what you're looking for so you don't have to take my word for it.,2514.html,2516.html

    That's just a few I could grab real quick. You'll be able to find what you're looking for at just about any reputable review site.
  5. Very kind and gracious of you, SS ... Thanks for the effort !
  6. ... And ... Just for that, I am going to curse you with a "Best Answer" ... Not because you need it ... not because I think this thread is fully resolved ... BUT ... I curse you with this "reward" because my own Avitar has been staring at me from the "Latest Best Answer Sidebar", for nearly 3 hours, now, and it is really starting to creep me out ... and also because it was one of those "un-deserved" best answers.

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