Win7 pro taking up 38GB?

So i recently set up a raid0 with 2x M4 64gb. Together the amount was 119GB. I noticed after I installed windows that I had 82GB free. Is it normal for win7 to take up that much space on a fresh install. It was an OEM but it just seemed like too much. I then proceeded to perform all the post install optimizations and changes for SSD in windows and after turning off indexing, pagefiling etc I noticed it actually didn't free any space up?

I had installed win7 pro on one of the M4 drives before and just did a reformat on it in the windows installer before I set up the raid.

My main question is does this sound about right or could something be left over? I don't ever recall Pro taking up that much but I could be wrong, I've only dealt with Home Prem and ultimate.

I'm going to seperate the raid and try the secure erase with parted magic tonight after work, but if anyone has any insight on this or knows for sure it would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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    Windows 7 does take up a lot of space for system restore, hibernation files, paging file, and temp/tmp stuff. You said that you moved (or turned off) the paging file -- did you get all of the others in your optimization?

    You also might want to run Ccleaner occasionally -- just make sure to set the options so you don't delete all your browser history and cookies unless you want that.
  2. Yep. It's a space hog.
  3. ^5 +1 what RealBeast said.

    Take another look at space saving techniques.
  4. Windows 7 is only around 8 gigs. Hibernation is taking a chunk of space equal to your ram. I bet you got 16 gigs of ram.

    Windows 7 = 8-12gb depending on versoin and features
    Hyberfil.sys = 16gb = to ram
    Pagefil.sys = 8-12gb = I have never seen any usable documentation on how windows decides its starting point with virtual memory.

    This would account fo your 37 gb installation. If you do have 16gb of ram you can turn off virtual memory and this will get rid of the huge pagefil.sys.
    If it is not a laptop you dont really need hybernation and you can disable that and free up that 16 gbs.

    That would leave you with about a 8-12gb win 7 install.
  5. I always recommend these site for SSD users. Many of the tweaks are space savers, and others are SSD savers:

    The SSD Review - SSD Optimization Guide

    OCZ Blog - SSD Tips & Tweaks

    You don't have to do them all, or any. They are just tips.

    But they do cover everthing that was listed above, and have "how-to" steps.
  6. Just a comment - I turned off the pagefile (8GB ram) and can't see any performance hit and haven't had a program/game choke on not having one. YMMV.

    Agree about hibernate - with a fast system and SSDs you don't really need it.
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  8. Got it figured out, I thought I turned off the virtual memory but I forgot to hit set and just hit ok so it reset upon restart, changed that and after diablo3 install everything is looking good!
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