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Mobo or Ram issue Please help

Last response: in Systems
April 17, 2010 12:13:57 AM

Hi, so this is my first build, I put everything together, and I got no video, my friend told me to try it out with only one ram, so I did and I got video, then I tried it with 2, and that also worked, but when I tried it with the third one, blank screen again. I tried all the ram sticks in the slots that worked and they all seem to work, so I am thinking the Mobo is defective. Yes I did put it in the correct DDR3 slot, the manual says to put it in DDR1, DDR3, and DDR5. The ram slots are also numbered on the mobo so I know that I am putting it in the right slot.

So do I have to do something in the BIOS to let the mobo enable the DDR5 slot or should it just automaticly know that it is triple channel, or do you think my mobo's ram slots are messed up.

Sorry I also don't have an internal mobo speaker, so I couldn't check for specific errors (for a $200 mobo, I am pissed that it didn't come with one,) I went all over the place to find one but I couldn't. Ill probably get one online as soon as I can.

Newegg should take the mobo back right?

Thanks, this forum has already helped me a lot and I am very grateful.


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April 17, 2010 4:36:32 AM

well I guess if no one can help me, I'll try returning the mobo and try again with a new one.