No Sound from Asus 870 Extreme3

Everything in my system works fine, except that there is no sound. I'm currently dual booting Windows and Ubuntu and neither have any sound.
-I've uninstalled and reinstalled (in Windows) the drivers that came with the Motherboard to no avail.
-I've plugged the speakers into other computers and the sounds works, so it's not a speaker issue.
-I've plugged the lime-green jack from the speakers into both of the lime-green socket in the computer (one front, one back) and every single other socket (3.5mm) that it fits into, but there's still no sound.

Could this be a motherboard issue or do I need a different set of speakers and plugs for "Realtek HD Audio?"
Thank you in advance!
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  1. Er... I was looking at the wrong manual. It's not Asus it's ASRock.
  2. Well, since you didn't mention if you checked it, lets start at the beginning. Is the onboard sound enabled in the BIOS?
  3. Sorry for not reposting sooner. For the record and any future searchers, the problem was simply dead sound on the motherboard. A pci sound card solved the problem.
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