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AMD vs Intel build

I have two possible rigs right now and i'm wondering what I should work on at the moment... I have a Pentium 4 w/HT rig, and an AMD Athlon x2 6000+ rig... I want to play crysis. which one should I buy a gpu for?
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  1. Sorry to say, but those rigs will not perform very well for a demanding game like Crysis.

    You'll have to play on lower settings and even that may not be great. It may be better to save for a new build at some point.
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    The dual-core will definitely do better than the P4, and actually somewhat exceeds the minimum system requirements for Crysis. Since Crysis is more GPU than CPU intensive, you might actually get OK results with that machine. Just don't expect the world out of it.

    And if you have the money, I'd definitely try to move up to a triple-core or quad-core for any serious gaming. You can do that relatively cheaply with an AMD build.
  3. what do you recommend? phenom II?
  4. heh heh... my budget is $84 and then another $200 next week. just enough to get my mobo, and a phenom
  5. Athlon x2 6000+ is still good in games. For gaming the video card is more important than the CPU. What monitor do you have?
  6. I can run Crysis on my second machine on low settings smoothly. Although I like to run it on my new system, it bleeds performance.

    1st System-Windows 7 / Ubuntu / I5-750@ 3.6 Ghz / MSI P55-GD85 / 4 GB Corsair 1600 Mhz / XFX Radeon 5850 / Silverstone Element 750 watt PSU / Cooler Master CM690 II advanced case with Hyper 212 plus / 1 TB Caviar Black

    2nd System- Windows XP / AMD xp 2600@ 2.2Ghz / Asus A7N8X / 1.5 gb Kingston PC3200 / 3-150 gb Maxtor IDE / MSI Video Capture Card / XFX 7600 GS /
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