FireGL 8650 Driver and Windows 7/Display driver has crashed+recovered

I have a Firegl 8650 and when I install the latest Ati driver my computer will run for maybe 10 minutes and I get a "Display driver AMD has crashed and successfully recovered. Then it freezes maya, mudbox or anything at all really. If I install an earlier version of the driver my mudbox viewport doesn't work and my maya viewport HighQuality option gets disabled. But I get no display driver crash then!?

AMD Phenom II 965 BE
FireGL 8650
900W Power supply
8 Gb Ram
Windows 7 Ultimate
750 GB Sata

The newest driver for FireGL 8.702
Older version used 8.634

I could use all the help I could get:(
Thanks in advance if anyone decides to help!
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  1. did you find any solution yet??
  2. I turned on Windows 7 basic, getting rid of the transparent glass effect. It doesn't crash now. It's not perfect but it works ok:/
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