Problem Resolved - I cant play crysis and far cry 2 on my new build

so after months of RMAs and other crap i finally get my P C up and running...

i install crysis and the game crashes upon launch.
i get the error "unsupported graphics card."
i have a sapphire 5850 Toxic

then i finally move on and install far cry 2.
i get some kind of error "d3dx9_38.dll"
so i research it and download the file "d3dx9_38.dll" from a web site.
i try to paste the "d3dx9_38.dll" file to my system folder and windowS gives me a pop up that states I already have the damn file (d3dx9_38.dll) in my folder.

i give up.
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  1. GG ya prolly installing those will help and did you buy those games or are they cracks?
  2. Rest of system specs? Have you installed the latest gpu drivers?
  3. Let's start this up by listing the rest of the system specs first.
  4. What windows? Use Win 7. Now, this can happen when you download the game from torrents. And it may contain viruses also. Finally, download ATi drivers.

    Other games are working?
  5. thanks for your replys.

    This is a brand new build, clean install of windows and its updates.
    The games are my copies i bought from retail stores, they are not illegal.
    I am using Windows 7 64 bit

    My specs are as follows:

    AMD 955 BE
    Sapphire 5850 Toxic 1GB
    MSI 790FX-GD70 AM3 AMD 790FX ATX
    Windows 7 64bit
  6. i just had a thought...

    I am installing the drivers from the cd that came with my GPU :o

    I looked for updates for my GPU online and there were none...i totally forgot to install the drivers from the included cd.

    installing now...update soon.

    UPDATE: Crysis running now that I installed drivers...
  7. sounds like you dont have the latest DirectX distributable. google it and download it from the microsoft site.

    the graphics card driver on the CD is unlikely to be the newest one. go into CCC and check for driver updates there.
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