Severe Tearing nVidia 7950 GT

I have recently sorted out my problem with not running games, thanks to everyone who helped, but I still get a lot of screen tearing. I've tried playing around with V Sync and Screen Resolutions, and refresh rate. I have an Asus VW192T LCD monitor, and it has 3 refresh rates (59, 60, and 75 hertz).

Thats some examples of the screen tearing/glitches I've been having. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. I don't know what's going on in that last pic but I don't see any tearing in the first 2...
    The first pic seems normal as far as I can tell and the only thing I see in the second pic is a clipping issue(seeing behind the wall) which has nothing to do your video card but rather how the game was programmed.
  2. Look at the tree and floor in the first one.
    And in the second one, that isn't a wall.
    That's a graphical glitch.
    You can walk around that whole bit.
  3. Oh, and also the fence in the first one.
    It tears off into the floor or something.
  4. Well worst case scenario is that your GPU is dying. I would say it is more likely to be a driver issue - are you using the most recent version of your GPU driver?
  5. Most recent drivers. It's really new too, everything but the motherboard is new.
    It would have been so much easier and cheaper to buy a new one, but nooooo, dad had to go fix this one -__-
    I've clean installed the drivers, twice, and nothings changed. I've also tried 2 different graphics cards and the same problem appears.
  6. Have you checked the temperatures? Overheating can cause all kinds of weird graphical glitches like you are talking about.
  7. None of those problems are what most refer to as tearing. Those are artifacts or glitches. Temperatures like jyjjy mentioned, could cause this, or even driver issues.

    Even if you have the lastest drivers, you might try using an older set.
  8. I don't know how to check the temperatures, but it doesnt seem to get hot. My feet are right next to it and it seems to be fairly cool.
    Where could I get the older drivers?
  9. Unless your feet are resting on the GPU core what you are feeling is irrelevant. You can use rivatuner to check the temps.
  10. How do I find my temperature? I've looked through it, but I still have no idea.
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