Belkin router doesnt like PPPoE to Netgear modem

I found out that my Belkin N1 Vision router doesn't seem to like using PPPoE settings set in the router to connect through my Netgear DM111P v2 modem

My modem has an administrator username/password, and is currently configured to connect to the internet normally which works 100%.

The issue is when i try to set the PPPoE settings through the Belkin router rather than my modem. The reason for this is that i am using DynDNS for a dynamic hostname and my DDNS is currently configured on the router. However if the IP address of my modem changes, the router doesn't pick the change up automatically and the hostname then contains an invalid IP.

So what im trying to achieve, is my router to pass the PPPoE settings to the modem. (I'm assuming thats what it is supposed to do anyways.)

Any help on this problem would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. You have to put the modem in Bridge Mode.
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