Building my first rig :]

Mhmm so I went through and changed a couple more things, and here's what I got:


[GPU] ~$549.99

[Optical Drive] ~$24.99

[Case] ~$169.99

[HDD] ~$119.99

[PSU] ~$104.99

[Memory] ~Changed to a cheaper solution ~$209.99

[CPU] ~Changed to the 930 ~$289.99

[Motherboard] ~~Changed to a board that supports 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ~$199.99

[CPU Cooler+Card Reader] ~$34.99

Total: $1654.91


And here are the other stuff which I am not going to count towards the budget:

[Monitor] ~$209.99

[Keyboard+Mouse] ~$144.98

[Speakers] ~$49.99

[Final Total (Essential+Non Essentials)] --> $2,059.87
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  1. okay ill be sure to take that into consideration, thanks for the advice :]
  2. I'll just do a straight up item by item critic for the sake of ease. All IMO of course :).

    Case - If you wanted to get under budget, this is probably where I'd cut off first. I see nothing special about that Nvidia case, especially at that price. HAF 922 will fit a 5870 just fine.
    Or if you want to go a bit more classy, a Storm Sniper is pretty.

    HDD - The caviar greens, as the name suggests, cater to those who want to lower their PC's power consumption. This, of course, takes a toll on performance. There's no point in getting a separate HDD for your OS IMO. A single spinpoint F3 will suffice. If you want, you could stick in a 30gb SSD as your boot drive, though that may compromise your budget.

    Monitor - check

    Keyboard and mouse - are all up to you. But if you're sacrificing budget to get those parts, then I suggest rethinking your spending. IMO, peripherals shouldn't be counted towards the same budget as your PC. If it were me, I'd stick up a cheap KB & look for a less expensive mouse. At least for now. If you pick up a $20 KB for now, you can allot $60 into getting better parts and pick up whatever keyboard floats your boat at a later date. :]

    GPU - check. You can cut off $20 btw if you don't plan on using XFX's double lifetime warranty by picking up a Sapphire 5870.

    RAM - You don't need 8gb of RAM for gaming. 4gb is the accepted sweet spot. Low timing sticks like this would be a better investment IMO. If I wasn't clear already, RAM yields the least noticeable real time benefits for a gamer. "Fast RAM" will be noticed way after, say, the immediate benefits of a SSD.

    PSU - If modular isn't a requirement for your PSU, then a 750w earthwatts or corsair tx 750 would be cheaper solutions.
    At this price point, I'd rather pick up a antec TP

    CPU cooler - The v8 doesn't do much other than looking good. You'll find better price to performance from a hyper 212+
    At $60-70, I'd rather pick up a megahalem

    Also, you could pick up a i7 930 for $10 more. Your mobo choice is good, but one of the earlier LGA 1366 boards. ASUS has the P6X58D-E and Premium at price points above and below your choice while having SATA 6gbps/USB 3. Pick whichever you need and/or have budget for.

    Although, if you're strictly gaming; there's nothing wrong with getting an i5 750 or PII 955.
    Good luck.
  3. thanks for your detailed reply, but as for the memory bit, i am considering hosting some of my own private servers for mmorpg games. and alot of the ones I play require more than 4gb to be able to open up all the maps etc. but other than that, thankyou very much!
  4. oh and the case, one because I am addicted to that design and 2 because I am considering running dual or triple gpus in that pc in the future.
  5. Understandable. I hope that it's more for the design than the advertising though. There are plenty more cases that are able to handle tri gpus though, regardless of clever newegg/nvidia advertising. :D

    Good luck.
  6. Thanks the budget should be alrite.
  7. I7 9xxx uses triple channel memory don't get 4 or 8gb get 3 or 6. Get the mushkin 998805 6gb they are amazing.
  8. Oh yes, I automatically assumed i5/PII when I read gaming pc. Good catch by somebody_007.
  9. If you spend 2k and don't have a 5970 you are RETARDED!!! Ok maybe not retarded but def CRAZY.
  10. EYEFINITY WITH A 5970 HERE IS HOW This is a true gaming build!!!!! Only thing you might need is a mini display port to vga adapter. if you want it under 2k drop off the cpu cooler. If you don't get this you are CRAZY

    AMD approved adapter $18

    EDITED TO REFLECT THE BIGGER MONITOR 3 23inch 1080p monitors
  11. You could combo some stuffs. Like...

    GPU + RAM
    Mobo + CPU

    Saves you a good amount.
  12. Quote:
    admit my build is THE BEST BY FAR-- 3 1080P MONITORS AND A 5970 COME ON NOW.

    There's this monitor.
    Same price with free shipping. 2" bigger, lol.
  13. oh but I don't need 3 monitors, lol. but thanks. :]
  14. What do you mean you don't NEED 3 monitors? Check out my set up and then tell me you don't need 3 1080p monitors.

    Your spending that much money and passing on a 5970 and 3 monitors EYEFINITY. Doesn't make cents.
  15. Oh and your motherboard doesn't support 6gb/s. Like the hard drive you have selected.

    Your hard drive and your motherboard = FAIL. your mother board selected is only 3gb/s

    Your build is OLD tech. Get an i7 930 and ASUS premium board that supports 6gb/s and USB 3.0 not the old stuff dude.
  16. Oh and that 2gb 5870 ONLY has mini display ports. NO hdmi, NO dvi, etc.. you will need adapters.
  17. oh okay thanks sorry im still a noob.
  18. ye and about triple monitors, well i probably wont even have enough room to put it. plus I want a nice and big case so i could leave room for future upgrades. so the 922 might be a bit small.
  19. btw the graphics card comes with adapters, i think
  20. AMD:

    GIGABYTE GA-790FXTA-UD5 - $180

    Thuban 1090T Black Edition X6 125(W), 9MB Cache, 3.2 GHz - $300

    Kingston HyperX 2GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 - 6G - $180

    DVD Writer - $25

    SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB - $90

    Antec TruePower New TP-750 - $120

    COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 - $35

    Thermaltake Element G VL10001W2Z Black - $145

    HD 5970 - $700

    TOTAL $1796

    TOTAL $1646 with a HD 5870
  21. toffe2 said:
    btw the graphics card comes with adapters, i think

    did some checking and the HIS does come with adapters. I was wrong.
  22. IMO 3 monitors would be a good idea maybe you should check it out.
  23. You at least need to change the hdd to a 3gb/s one and you should get the samsung spinpoint f3 1tb or 500gb

    The HAF 922 will fit any card configuration out.
  24. okay ill take that into consideration, thanks alot :]
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