1920x1080 x2 - graphics card?

Looking at 5x series, what do I need to run 1920x1080 x2 (obviously game on one)

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  1. get a 5850 or if you can stretch ur budget get the 5870...
  2. HD5850 if you can afford it, HD5770 if you can't.
  3. Depends on what you are looking for. You mentioned you have 2 displays but then say (Gaming on one). If you are only gaming on one a 5770 is the mainstream graphics and is what I'd recommend for any sort of modern gaming. They are pretty Overclocker friendly and you can see good results. However, if you can stretch your budget to get a 5850, that is FAR better.

    I wouldn't even bother with the 5830, it's a Frankenstein baby for all I'm concerned. It's the size of a 5870, consumes more power than a 5850, and performs less than half way between a 5770 and 5850.
  4. Well I'd like to game one one monitor (prolly in windowed mode)

    I'd like this to be relatively future-proof, even if I have to buy another when its 50% the price for xfire

    I want it to be no issue

    Also, 1920x1080 = 1620x1650 ? What's the difference

    From what I've seen, the 16x16 is old, (I could be way off on this, not sure what the other standard is for ~ 22inch monitors) and the 16:9 is new

    Just curious on what would be the best setup for gaming/movies whatnot, and what videocard (I know I added, but...)
  5. It's probably 1680x1050. For that resolution or for gaming in windowed mode at similar resolutions on a 1920x1080 monitor you really don't need more than an HD5770.
  6. so would a 5970 be overkill for x2 1080 monitors with games at max graphics?
  7. If you play in windowed mode that means your resolution is actually lower than the full screen resolution. Even an HD5850 is a large amount of overkill if you aren't using the full 1920x1080 resolution.
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