900$ system check and suggestions

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Sunday or Monday BUDGET RANGE: 800$-900$ would prefer lower

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming is all i will do on this system

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers)


PARTS PREFERENCES: by brand or type (do not care)



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: (i like a side window but it is not a huge deal and i would like to crossfire in the future )

here is what i have now UPDATED:

OEM Lite-on sata dvd burner-21.99$

Windows 7 OEM-99.99$

Samsung f3 500 GB-54.99$

G.Skill 1333 ddr3 cas 7-114.99$

Athlon II x3 440 -84.99$

Asus 790GX -114.99$ MIR 15.00$


AZZA solano 1000-99.99 before 20.00$ MIR has 5 fans :D

Asus 5770-159.99 when i can afford a 5870 next month i will give the 5770 to my dad

Antec 750Watt-104.99 before 20.00$ MIR

total before rebates=856.91$

after rebates=801.91$ will be buying sunday thanks for all the help
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  2. As you are planning to xfire in the future, I would recommend this power supply in a combo with your motherboard:
  3. Yes I am. Thanks for the great finds. I will use the combo duk3 suggested and order my build tomorrow. Thanks for the input.
  4. You could combo your GPU with this RAM.

    Saves about 30 dollars.
    GPU + RAM
  5. That ram has a cas latency of 9. I suggest that you get RAM with a latency of 8 or more. It is only a few dollars more to get much better ram.

    Edit: O_O I'm an apprentice now? Yay me! No idea how that happened.
  6. congrats lol. The orginal ram i picked has a latency of 7 and timings of 7-7-7-21. I picked this ram because the timings are low. This is good right?

    Also i am debating on wheter to drop to a 5770 untill i can afford a 5870 and give the 5770 to my parents when i upgrade because they are using an onboard gpu and my dad is having a hard time gaming with it. This would leave me with more money for a better cpu or more hdd space. What do you think about that idea? And lastly would a 5870 bottleneck an athlon II x3 440 3.0GHz?

    Thanks for all the help
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  8. ok I went ahead and bought it. I took out the gpu and added a phenom II X4 955 and an aftermarket cooler. I changed to a 700 watt psu which I thought was little better and cheaper. I did not buy a gpu I decided I would wait untill my next paycheck and buy a 5870. Thanks for all the help guys. It will be a long two weeks untill I get payed lol
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