Powers on, but no go....

I built this system in 2004. It ran almost non stop for 5-6 years. Finally the mobo gave out and I found a great deal on a combo.

Now I'm running a Gigabyte MA785G-US2H, Phenom II, twin SATA 1tb drives, 4gb PC3200 RAM. Currently shopping for a new vid card.

Anyway, I got the new setup running in a matter of minutes. BUT, I didnt have the ATX power secured enough and it came out.
Since then, I get nothing. The machine powers up fine. I can feel the drives power spin up, all fans power up.
However, the DVD drive wont open and all I get is a 'no signal' on the monitor.

I figured I friend the mobo and replaced it with the same setup I had.
STILL the same issue.

Ive checked everything I can. The battery, the RAM, the drives, I know its not the mobo. Could the CPU be toasted? are power supplies that sensitive?
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  1. What kind of PSU?

    Work through our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
  2. Oh, forgot the psu..
    Ultra LS600 600W

    I've worked through the steps, which is how I came upon this forum.

    About a month ago, I gutted the case and replaced everything.
  3. What exactly do you mean by the ATX power came out? Do you mean some wires came out or the actual box fell out (of presumably the top of the case) and went on a collision ride with the rest of your components?

    If the latter I'd reseat and repaste the CPU.
  4. The ATX plug...the 28 pin plug usually on the right side of the mobo by the IDE plug.

    Just to clarify. There have been three mobos.
    Old one that went bad. The replacement, I assumed was bad after the ATX plug came out and now a new one.
  5. At this point I'd try a different power supply and see if it turns on.
  6. You think its a power supply huh?
    I realize that just because the machine powers on, doesn't mean the PSU is working properly, but if power isn't getting to the mobo, doesn't that mean the fans attached to it wouldn't either?
  7. That just means that possibly not enough power is reaching it.
  8. Really? Its a 600 watt PSU and my graphics card or audio card aren't installed yet. I can't imagine that won't power a mobo and 2 hard drives.
    Or are you meaning that because its a faulty PSU, not enough power is reaching it?

    I have a new 650Watt PSU set to arrive today.
  9. The part about it being faulty. And that's if it's faulty.

    If I were to suspect that in one of my computers it would be fairly easy to use one of my family's just to borrow the PSU for a sec to see if that's the problem then buy a new one/RMA it.

    What brand is the new one?
  10. The new one is a corsair. I got it because it's an 8 pin, but when I got it......is only a 4 pin. :(
    I know I have an adapter around somewhere.

    I got the old one from Tiger Direct and its well over its 30 day RMA time.
  11. Uh, manufacturer RMA...

    Sometimes it seems like I'm the only one who bothers with that?

    If you're talking about the CPU pins, you don't have to have 8 pins. But I'd bet that the design is of the slide two things together to get 8-pins and plug that in variety. Even if it's not, you can just plug in the four pin basically such that it fits and it will run just fine.
  12. Yeah, I got the 4 pin. No biggie.
    Ok, got the new PSU in, all looks good, but when I turn it on, it all goes for about a second and then quickly fades out.
  13. It's probably the motherboard then.
  14. Two brand new motherboards doing the same thing?
  15. You have been doing the thermal paste thing right, right?

    And if you've tried things like the RAM in other systems it could well be the CPU. You'd have to call AMD support to get a replacement.

    IMHO I doubt that unpluging power while on would really fry anything, but it's not like I have (or will) tried it.
  16. I have Arctic thermal paste, I haven't tried the ram in other systems, but have tried other ram in this system with the same effect.
    I have tried two new motherboards, two new PSUs...prior to this PSU, power would go on, and stay on, but not get any video, beeps or anything.
    Now, with a new PSU, power wont stay on.
    There are so many capacitors between the power and RAM or CPU, chances of it frying are dang slim.
    Unless I just didn't get something hooked up right...while not probable, it is potentially possible. But Ive checked it all time and time again.
  17. Like I said I don't think that stuff with the plug would have fried anything. But it could have just been a bad CPU, and is basically the only thing you haven't replaced.
  18. The way its acting now, is like its the power supply.
  19. Unless you've plugged in multiple PSU's the same wrong way, I don't see how there would be enough DoA chances in the world to pull that off.

    If true you should try playing the lottery and look out for that lightning.
  20. Well, they had different symptoms. Im starting to suspect the CPU. Im thinking I might take it to someone who can test all this stuff and let me know for sure rather than keep buying parts.
    As it sits, I nearly have enough for a whole 'nother machine.
  21. Might as well finish it then sell it, heh.

    But that's why I was talking about RMA's. On the very rare occasion that something just dies on me, I don't buy a replacement. I just wait for the return from whoever made it.
  22. I have RMAs set up for most of it.

    I just need a case and CPU and Im good to go!
  23. I get no beeps upon start up, which would usually rule out memory, I had 2 bad PSU, but the RMA came for it and seems to be working fine...just nothing on screen. The mobo has been replaced. I can only assume its the CPU, and getting ahold of AMD is like stumbling upon a 5 leaf clover. Dang near impossible. But I will get a hold of them.
  24. Well that sucks.

    That's kinda surprising. When I called them they were super easy to get ahold of.
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