Crucial M4 128GB benchmarks a bit low

Hey guys, I recently purchased a crucial m4 128gb. I just did a fresh install of windows, updating the SSD's firmware to the most recent version (000F), updating my bios, installing windows updates, and updating some drivers. I'm using an SSD and HDD in my build.

I tested my benchmarks using AS SSD and this was my result.

Seems a bit low, I was expecting 400+ MB/S, closer to 500 sequential reads according to the latest update of firmware.

As well, my 4k-64 seems to be low as well, other benchmarks I've seen them at 200+.

SSD is attached to sata3 port with a sata3 cable (6gb/s), HDD is also connected to a sata3 port.

Anything I missed? Perhaps a setting somewhere?

My system;

Asrock Extreme 3 Gen 3
8gb ddr3
HD Radeon 6950 2GB
OCZ Fatal1ty 750w psu
Crucial M4 128GB
Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST3100524AS 1TB

Any insight is appreciated.
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    Two issues:

    1.) Your AS-SSD benchmark says "pciide", which indicates that the port your drive is connected to is in IDE mode. All SSDs need to be in AHCI mode for best performance.
    2.) AS-SSD uses highly incompressible data to test Read/Write speeds. If you are looking for the advertised "up to" 500MB/s Read and 175MB/s Write speeds then you have to benchmark with ATTO software, which uses highly compressible data to test Read/Write speeds.
  2. There is a very easy way to change to AHCI mode - have to change one registry value - reboot change mode in bios to AHCI at which point drivers will be installed after booting - one more restart and you're done. Just google IDE to AHCI mode change(I think).
  3. Thanks guys, I took your advice and changed to AHCI mode. I ended up doing a fresh install.

    Here are my benchmarks now, they look good to me :)

    Thanks again.
  4. Much better :)
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  6. Just 2 cents here. since the M4 is NOT Sandforce(More chips sets are starting to use compression i would guess, but not the Marvel in the M4) compressible data does not read/write faster anyway :).

    You will get those speeds with anything you use the drive for.
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