Ati 5770 vs gtx


I'm getting a new computer:
Intel i7 920 @ 2.66
Gigabyte X58a - udr3
OCZ PC3 12800 6GB intel i7 edition
Samsung t260 @ 1920 x 1200
1.5TB Samsung HD

I'm looking for a graphics card that will best run on these parts. In the price range of the ATI 5770 and GTX 260.

Any Advice?
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  1. Get 5770.It performs a bit slower than 260 but used much less power and has DX11 too!

    But for 1920X1200 resolution a HD 5850 will d much better.
  2. Between the 5770 and GTX260, I'd definitely choose the 5770. There is still room to improve the drivers, as evident with the new 10.3 which game the 5xxx cards a performance boost. The GTX 260 has been out a while and probably won't see much improvement. The performance is similar, the 260 does inch out most places, but who knows with the new drivers.

    If you can swing a 5850 it would give you MUCH better performance on your new monitor with your shiny new machine.
  3. 5770 Mos Def..... nuff said [:lectrocrew:6]
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