Help cooling phenom quad core processor

I recently ordered this and just today realized the cpu doesnt come with a heatsink or fan so i was wondering if I should buy a cooling fan for it if so would this be good enough
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    you current heatsink will work, how hard do you plan to push the CPU?

    if you plan to over clock or spend hours gaming then i would look for something better. for business use or surfing the web, you are fine. it will run warm, just keep an eye on it with HWmonitor software.
  2. i wont be overclocking but i will be playing games on it the most demanding one being starcraft 2 on the highest settings possible
  3. if you dont plan on oc'ing, any stock fan is good enough. the stock fans are meant to adequately cool the cpu, and even give a small amount of oc'ing headroom.
  4. yes, i know, its oem, it doesnt come with a "stock" fan, but that fan is about as good as a "stock" fan, so im just calling it stock lol, sorry for any confusion.
  5. alright thanks for the responses
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