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Hello everyone,

Was trying to install WinXP pro on a HP Pavillion,running win98SE, intel celeron,533mhz processor and 128RAM. I was asked during installation if I wanted to partition the 10gig Hardrive and didnt on behalf of the PC owners request.

Halfway through the process when the PC needed to reboot, WindowsXP went to start back into the installation process, an error message appears, "Winlogon.exe -Bad Image - sys32/sfc" I'd exit out of it or hit okay and it'd restart and do the same thing in a loop, I couldnt get into DOS, safe mode, task manager, ANYTHING but the loop.

So we took out the hard drive and I put it on my secondary line on my PC, Hp pavillion, specs about doubled,running Windows Home, I formated it and decided to put XpPro on while it was in there, it told me I had to switch the HD from FAT to NTFS for things to work properly(I think one of the contributing factors to the mess). everything got installed, got everything in order with drivers and everything was peachy.

Then I put it back into the original PC, and a black screen comes up now with an message that says "NTLDR missing press crt,alt,delete to restart" so I do, same thing, another loop, cant get to safe mode, anywhere, it doesnt say it, but I dont think it's recognizing the hard drive. I dont know what to do here. I've hit F8 and it goes over my specs, and I've gone through setup, it recognizes an OS as 95/98.

And we've made sure it'sthe HD is plugged in correctly in the pc.

Any help/suggestions are always more than appreciated, I'm 100 stumped, and I've read up somewhat on the issue.
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  1. When I have tried every conceivable process to access a hard drive with fdisk or alternate boot remedies there is one true way to wipe the drive. Get a decent magnet and erase the disk and start fresh. I had to finally do that on my wife's laptop drive when I was unable to access the drive due to a virus. Its an extreme fix and only to be used as last resort, but it does work.
  2. Thanks for the reply zalittle, I'll keep that last resort in my growing bag of tricks.

    The thing is, I had a working HD on an old 98(computer A), wanted to update to xp, pulled the HD out and put it in another PC[XP](computer B), and updated to xp, it works fine on the other computer(computer B). The only thing that changed was when I formated it, I also formated to NTFS from FAT.

    I can format it and wipe it clean again, but XP instillation just didnt want to happen on the 98 (computer A).

    Would converting the drive from NTFS back to FAT help? Or am I doomed to just format it, and put Win98SE back on?
  3. An odd sequence, but you may be able to get this working. The major clue is to recognize that you have a HDD with Win XP installed on it that works, BUT the installation was done on a DIFFERENT computer. When Windows is installed, one key part of the process is that it surveys all the hardware devices present in the machine (and there are a lot on the motherboard itself) and it installs the device drivers for those. You did that on YOUR machine. Then you transplanted the HDD back to your friends' machine which probably has a few different devices in it, so some drivers contained in the HDD are wrong.

    The solution is called a "Repair Install". You need the Win XP Install CD you used for install (or upgrade) onto that HDD. With the HDD in the friends' machine and its BIOS set to boot from the optical drive containing the Install CD, boot from the Install disk and choose to do a Repair Install - NOT a full Install! This process re-examines the devices in the machine and compares that to the device drivers already installed on the boot drive. Then it fixes up any mismatches so that the installation is now corrected for the machine the HDD is currently mounted in. That is your best bet for fixing the Win XP installation you already have.
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