Mw2 run like granma


I have an issue running mw2. Recently I can run the game just fine, but yesterday my lcd monitor just broken so I have to revert back to my old LG crt monitor. This is where the problem begun, when I use my lcd, I can play the game just fine on high setting at 1280x1024. But when I use my old crappy monitor the game is running pretty slow, I'm talking about extreme jerkiness. Well I can finalll play the game normally only if I reduce the resolution to 800x600 and turn off a couple of effect. My question is, is this really because of the monitor or there is something else?

My spec is:
Zotac Mcp8200
8800gt zotac amp
2 gigs of RAM
AMD Kuma 7750 oc to 3.1
windows 7 64bit
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  1. What is your refresh rate on the CRT? The LCD would have used 60Hz. If you are using a higher refresh rate on the CRT you will see a performance hit.
  2. Download FRAPS, And see if you're still getting 60 frames.

    If yes, Moniter problem.

    If no, Hardware problem.
  3. :lol: runs like granma ! hahaha :)
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