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I just seriously rearranged my network after finishing my first build and am now having trouble sharing files across my computers. My current network setup has my cable modem hooked into a 4-port wired router (Linksys BEFSR81). The 4 ports on this router are then connected into a panel patch in my apartment.I have hooked my office PC directly into a wall outlet in the office. All my other computers are connected via a wireless connection provided by an Airport Express I connected to a different ethernet wall jack. Each of the computers is able to connect to the internet but they do not recognize one another. My office computer is running Win 7, and then I have a netbook running XP and a mac mini. I also have a PS3 and Wii which are connected wirelessly too. Any help anyone could be offer would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Can you provide a diagram of you network?
  2. Check your network settings. Windows Vista/7 are both a little funny about what kind of network you tell it you're on. It should be a work network otherwise you'll likely get this result. You can find this setting in your Network & Sharing center on the upper left corner directly across from the network it says you're connected to. You may need to release/renew and-or reboot the system for it to fully take effect.
  3. I have been doing some research and it seems that i need to the the bridge mode off on my Airport Express base station so that my Linksys is the only device handing out IP addresses. Does anyone know how to turn Airport Express into bridge mode?
  4. Ok. Got everything to work. Had limited the number of users on my Linksys router to 4 which was causing the problem.
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