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setting up new i7 930 on a asus p6x58d premium 6 gig dominator ddr3 wd black 1tb 2 pny gts 250s thermaltake pure power 600w in a cooler master 932 haf well i hook up everything go to power up first screen says no hdd detected? when i enter bios the computer just shuts off on its own this happens with in the first 60 seconds of running im lost and a noob so hopefully i can get some help here
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  1. i went through that very well all checked out. i get a good POST but if it idels for more then a minute or 2 it just shuts off? :(
  2. when i plug my info into asus power supply calculator it says i need a min 800 watt so could my 600 watt not be enough and causeing this?im going to get a power supply today to meet that spec but i wouldnt think i would me maxing out power just trying to set up bios
  3. I too get the no drives detected message during start-up; then the start-up continues. So thats not the problem. If your power supply checks out to be fine, then its time for you to contact Asus tech support. Its not unusual to get a dead board. The CPU and the RAM should be ok.
  4. think i figured it out the stock HSF that came with CPU was loose those pins suck im off to get new power supply and new HSF and some artic silver :) i think if that didnt happen i would be flawless on this build for first time i did get a post on first fire up and i read that it wont detect the HDD till its formatted so i think i got this
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