Tall or Short Case Dilemna

I need a case but I don't want anything too fancy.
Spending big money on the case itself hurts. However I want
something that gives me the room to build, and
if need be later easily crossfire my ATI cards, and have adequate
cooling. I've looked at a few.

MY DILEMNA, I have a small open desk setup to the right of my main
gaming office desk. I fit my Chieftec tower in there with clearance
enough to keep the little keyboard tray to that desk. It fits 3 towers
with ease. I use it to have my gaming PC, my kids PC, and a LAB/DUMMY
PC. That way my legs are free of wires and heat while at the gaming PC
desk. Width is no issue but height may be. It seems my Chieftec tower
(WITH OUT FEET INSTALLED) stands at 20.5 inches.

I can always remove that desk's keyboard tray, but I like it for
neatness and my little kids have it at a good height, but would prefer
to keep it.

Few full tower cases I've looked at:

Cooler Master HAF 932 Full Tower Black Case HEIGHT: 21.5 inches (Too Tall)
Thermaltake Element V VL20001W2Z HEIGHT: 21 inches (Too Tall)

Few mid tower cases I've looked at:
Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case HEIGHT:
19.5 inches (It fits!)
COOLER MASTER CM690 II Advanced Black Steel body HEIGHT: 20.10 (It fits!)

SO, the mid towers fit, the full towers are a tad too tall.

I suppose the mid tower cases just aren’t big enough for a serious gaming rig? Which is what I am planning on building in the next couple of weeks.

I would love to find a good tower, that is full, where I can have inside that 20.5 inches tall window to fit where my other gaming pc sits.

Can anyone recommend another good gaming tower I can look at? Or any suggestions regarding the search itself.
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  1. You mentioned a serious gaming rig. Cooling and heat dissipation should be your main concerns. With this in mind, do re-consider the HAF 932, and find a way to work around the height issue. I personally like to raise my computer off the floor because of dust issues - more dust at floor level.
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    The HAF 922 is frequently recommended around here as an excellent gaming case, as it is large enough to fit the longest graphics cards (currently the ATI 5970). The specs list it as just under 20 inches high.

    This case is frequently referred to as being almost as large as a full-tower, but marketed as a mid-tower.
  3. True! And the weight of the 922 is about 20 pounds as compared to the 30 pounds for the 932. However, I like the high cooling and extra air space of the HAF 932. Also, the HAF 932 will support larger boards if that becomes an issue.
  4. Well, the OP stated he wasn't looking for anything fancy, so I don't think an eATX board is likely. The HAF 922 will support standard ATX just fine...and really, the cooling on it is supposed to be pretty good. It even comes with dust filters, I've heard.
  5. Thank you for the suggestions on this thread. I appreciate it!

    After some research, e-mail and forum discusions, and chatter over a
    few cold ones last evening I believe I will be going with one of the

    COOLER MASTER HAF 922, Antec Nine Hundred, or an Antec Three Hundred.

    Looking forward towards getting this case dilemna behind me and get
    into the fun stuff next, the cpu, video card, and MB.
  6. but if you have your case an inch under your desk your top fans won't cool well maybe you should consider that.
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