You need to format the disk in drive (?: ) before you can use it?

I have been using a samsung r580 with a 500 GB H.D.D, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit installed.

I upgraded to a Pyro 120GB S.S.D loaded windows 7 Ultimate on that 32-Bit....and placed the old H.D.D in a "superspeed usb 3.0 external casing" ....went good for a bit but decided to upgrade to something more powerful. (Alienware M17x)

All is good but when i try to connect either of the old hard drives to my new laptop via the casing i get the message in the title.....Yet the funny thing was i miraculously got it working last night and transferred over 10GBs worth of files...

Why is this happening? I just want to get everythign off it and then ill format the bastard, and i dont want to resort to online "Partition recovery software" cause i dont know how much it would recover....

It works but doesnt wtf?
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  1. Not a single person can help me out?? Out of nearly 800,000 people F%#$@
  2. Your best bet is simply to try a new USB cable. The cheap ass ones often give problems like that.
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    If you can get all the data from the drives, do so, then do a slow format of both and see if that resolves the problem. I am guessing you have tried the drives in different USB ports. It also could have something to do with the external drive casing and electronics itself. I have had a few drives where they would work fine in one casing, but not another. Do both external drives work OK on another PC? Could be the way your new PC's usb ports are talking to the external drive's electronics. Hope this helps!
  4. Thank you. Much appreciated....The cord that came with the casing says usb 3.0 so i dunno they work on my old one but not the new one. Might have to try a new cable. Thanks again!
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  6. Oops. Replied to wrong post.
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