How many cores do fps games use.

What is the average amount of cores a fps game would use like battlefield bc2, counterstrike source, call of duty, so com, and others
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  1. depends on the game, but 2-4 for most games of any genre.
  2. BattlefieldBC2 uses something like 6+ cores, Modern Warfare maybe 3, counterstrike is probably 2, Crysis is 2-3, so I would say 3-4 cores is about the average. Many games are being ported from the Xbox 360 with its 3 cores so many games seem to have about 3 threads.
  3. yeah bfbc2 can use up to 12 i think, but its the only one, the rest are 2-4 cores.
  4. It really varies, especially on the age of the game along with other factors.
  5. Quote:
    BC2 can use up to 8. CS:S only used 1 till this newest update and now uses 2

    What do ya think about the update psych? A lot of people are pissed/quiting.
  6. Lol, aye.

    I think they should focus on the(a) new engine. :)
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