"black screen of nap"?

I just installed a new mobo (Intel DG43GT Motherboard - Intel G43 Chipset, Socket 775, SATA, Intel GMA X4500) in my old HP case and everything went more smoothly than I expected, at least hardware-wise. With MS tech help I was even able to reinstall Win 7 on the new mobo with a minimum of fuss.

But yes, there's a nagging problem: my screen will, on occasion, go black for a couple-three seconds. This has no effect on audio (mp3s keep right on playing), nor even on the video on my 'other' (entertainment) monitor - I've noticed this "BSON" happen several times while watching ripped movies/TV on the other monitor, but without the same blackout, even though driven by the same CPU.

The new mobo has onboard dual video outputs, which was one reason I chose it, since I would not need to mess with a PCI video card to keep my two monitors up. Is this likely a problem with the onboard video, then? If I had the right jacks to allow me to swap cables between desktop and entertainment monitors, I would do so just to see if the BSONs also switch monitors, too, but...

I keep looking at events log to see if anything corresponds to the times this happens, but I'm not sure what I am looking for, and in any case, nothing obvious jumps out at me. The application log shows a ton of entries like the samples below for some days, generated every few minutes, but this is probably some other small nightmare:
The protocol host process 9596 did not respond and is being forcibly terminated {filter host process 6256}.
The filter host process 3868 did not respond and is being forcibly terminated.

I don't know if it's related, but there's another video issue: the Sound control tab shows my fully-operative second monitor as "Not plugged in." HDMI output to it works fine, but when this happens, I have to give up on using any sound through this monitor. Problem comes and goes seemingly randomly. MS got me all excited with a Hotfix that was supposed to take care of this precise problem (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;975538&sd=rss&spid=14498) that many others have had for a long time, but as far as I can tell, it was a waste of time to download and install it - I had the same problem almost immediately after restarting.

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  1. oops. No, Win 7.
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